Using Age Verification Software in Your Business

There are many reasons you might want to know the age of people who frequent your business. Maybe you run a nightclub and want to ensure that only 21+ people can enter. Or you may own a tobacco shop or a liquor store.

Whatever your reason for needing to verify a person’s age, we know it’s important to do so. As a conscientious business owner, you don’t want to sell to minors and you could face heavy fines and penalties if caught.

However, doing the math to verify the identity of every customer and ensure they are of the correct age can be time-consuming. This is where electronic age verification software comes in.

Age verification software is built into a device that looks like a credit card scanner. The device reads the bar code or magnetic strip embedded in a customer’s driver’s license or state identification card.

Just swipe their ID and you’ll instantly know if this person is the right age to buy cigarettes or alcohol, or if there’s some other reason to know their age.

This eliminates the need for someone to physically inspect IDs and makes it quick and easy to grant access to older people.

Electronic age verification equipment can often be obtained from the same companies that provide credit card transaction equipment. Using one of these devices is no more difficult than swiping a credit card, so age verification can be used by businesses with minimal employee training.

A study from Brandeis University looked at the effectiveness of using electronic age verification hardware and found that customers did not feel uncomfortable swiping their IDs. Employees who have tried the equipment also said they were overall satisfied.

Getting into the habit of using the machine seemed to be the biggest problem, but once you get used to being able to use the machine, you’ll be more likely to use it because it’s a simple way to check your age.

Adding electronic age verification is an easy way to avoid breaking the law by selling items inaccessible to minors. If you buy one of these machines and use it faithfully, you can rest assured that you won’t go through the trouble of selling it to a minor. It’s also a great way to get positive publicity in your community, as you can prove that you’re verifying people’s identities with the most advanced technology possible.